Ashtani’s soothing, inspiring, and healing music is a Blessing for all those who are fortunate enough to experience her performances.  I have enjoyed her music and beautiful voice several times, and have observed positive changes in mood, in those attending.  Smiles, joyful tears, sharing of personal stories and experiences, and positive comments seemed to flow easily from participants at the concerts I attended.
Ashtani’s dog SpartaKiss, is a most wonderful and supportive companion for pet therapy.  She accompanies Ashtani at her events.  Various types of rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and assisted living facilities may benefit from their gifts and services, as would the general public.  I would recommend Ashtani and SpartaKiss for any events where the desire or goal is to provide a loving, nurturing, musical, and spiritual healing experience.
Brigitara Artemisis,  MH, BS, AAS, CCHT

While I am a spiritual person, I was a tad apprehensive at first about the concept of the Collective Clearing. Nonetheless I participated in a Clearing, releasing my heart and mind from preconceived thoughts, surrendering to the power of my subconscious and higher self.

Then something profound happened. The day after the Clearing, I received an Instagram message from someone I had gone to high school with… a person I had not talked to since graduating four years ago. He was never a friend, in fact had bullied me throughout middle school and high school. He and his friends had been major influencers on my self-confidence, and my perception of human nature. So, naturally I was astonished he reached out to me. What did he want? He tried to make small talk, though childhood me was still hurting and I was determined to protect her. I was short with him and asked why he contacted me, his reply was something I wouldn’t have imagined in a million years; he apologized.

I thanked and forgave him, and we haven’t spoken again since. Hearing those words from him healed so much hurt I hadn’t even realized was still held within. Perhaps my higher self was finally open and ready to hear what this boy had to say. Though I’ll never truly know what prompted this beautiful moment, I can say for certain that the Collective Clearing opened my heart. Perhaps the universe heard.

Rachel Tenney

In my first shared experience with Collective Clearing, I felt a near immediate relief from the vast amount of unspoken hurt and emotions. And perhaps even more profound, I was then given the opportunity to do the same. To look at myself honestly and realize that I too have made mistakes along the way. To not only ask for forgiveness from that individual…but to forgive myself. As more than anything, I was, up until that point, more than willing to constantly beat myself down over past mistakes or moments in which I wished that I had chosen differently. It has been several months now since I first shared in Collective Clearing, and I have since been able to facilitate ever deeper and more meaningful connections to those that I encounter and those that are open to this experience.

Over the years I have been willing to develop a spiritual practice, to adjust my diet, to exercise regularly, to read books. All parts that I feel have assisted in developing a sense of peace and wellness in my life. But connection is perhaps one of the most vital and overlooked aspects. Many of us spend more time text messaging or connecting virtually than we do speaking to those directly around us. And so I personally believe from my own experience that if we are willing to approach Collective Clearing with an open mind, we will one day live in a world where things like depression are a thing of the past. Where we can come from a place of understanding and truly love our neighbor as we love ourselves.


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