Collective Clearing

This music is for anyone, and at the same time, it’s for the misfits…For those of us who sometimes sing out of tune, and yet we sing our heart’s truth anyway. For those of us who may seem a bit out of sync with the rest, and yet we play and dance our hearts wide open! And it’s for those who never judge us for BEing this way. It’s for the jacks of all trades, and masters of none. For those who are highly sensitive, intuitive, and “different” and for those who always love us without judgement for being just that. This music is a permission slip to color outside of the lines, and to feel free to show up in a way other than what society perceives as “normal”. To the inner child that has suffered in silence…To the wounded masculine and wounded feminine within each and every one of us…To the brightest and purest aspects within, and at the same time, for the deepest and darkest… May this music inspire all of the perfectly imperfect parts of ourSelves to come together through integration and nonjudgement in order to find wholeness once again.

Heart opening folky/country/rock vibes with a fresh twist on Spirituality!

Music Sample

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