Collective Clearing is a conscious mission to unite the Earth Community in unconditional love through intentional language, interactive experiences, and musical vibrations.  Our intention is the raise the Collective frequency out of the fear-based vibrations into loved-based frequencies through unconditional love, compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness as we unify on Mother Earth.  As we clear energies and unsupportive agreements and connections, we find alignment as individuals and in doing so, we support the Collective alignment.

The CoDeck is a tool to be used as a practice, just like yoga, meditation, and other Self discovery disciplines, that allows us to show up for ourselves as well as others with unconditional love, gratitude, and forgiveness.  Just as with any practice, it requires discipline to be most effective. This practice has the potential to open up your heart and world in a whole new way, and is even more deeply effective when used in conjunction with the Eastern disciplines of yoga, Qi Gong, meditation, Ayurveda, etc.

On each card in the CoDeck, you will find the same Collective Clearing prayer.  We suggest starting your Collective Clearing journey by reading this prayer to yourself in the mirror each day as a practice, and once you feel comfortable with it, invite others into that sacred space with you.  After you have read the prayer to the other, unconditionally offer them the card you have chosen for them as a token of your love and gratitude for their presence. View the full CoDeck guidelines.

It depends.  Each Clearing will feel unique and will unfold organically in its own way. Some people feel called to read the prayer back to you, and others may simply move on.  We invite you to allow what feels true for you and the other person to unfold with non-resistance and acceptance. It’s all Divine and perfect!

The range of experience within Collective Clearing varies as widely as the range of the human experience.  Everyone is different, and every interaction and connection brings a unique Collective energy. We invite you to simply allow each Clearing to unfold with curiosity and acceptance.  In the beginning, it’s nice to keep a journal to document and unpack your experience. Visit our Collective Clearing Community on Facebook and share your experiences with others.  We are here to support you on your journey! Whatever you feel or do not feel is all perfect and beautiful. This practice is about surrender into the unconditional experience of intimacy with yourself and others.  Surrender the expectation and need to change things. Just be; whatever that looks like.

You can purchase the Collective Clearing CoDeck here.

Thank you for your willingness and devotion to healing with each other, for each other.  There are many beautiful healing resources that you will receive access to through your CoDeck purchase.  We also offer retreats and a workshop/concert series in the city of Sedona, and you may also inquire about booking us for a retreat in your area!  Keep an eye on our calendar and join our Facebook Community page for information of all upcoming opportunities to dive deeper into the Collective Clearing mission experience. You may also join our mailing list for our free guided meditation and to remain informed about what we have in store!

Ashtani’s musical transmissions are composed of heart opening and awakening folky/country vibes with a fresh twist on Spirituality and BEing human in a world waking up to the truth of who we are!

Collective Clearing music can be purchased here.

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