What it is…

  • A deck of playing cards

  • A Collective prayer practice

  • A daily practice that allows for sustained and gentle individual and Collective healing

  • An interactive experience that creates safe space for conscious and intentional connections to flourish

  • A fresh and simple game that allows us to show up in each and every encounter with unconditional love, gratitude, and forgiveness

  • A systematic, yet accessible and easy approach to co-creating a more loving world for our future generations

What it does…

  • Clears and upgrades individual and Collective connections

  • Creates personal alignment and self understanding

  • Allows for deeper and more intimate relationships as misaligned connections fall away

  • Greatly improves self-worth and self-confidence levels

  • Develops deeper levels of trust and freedom in life

  • Improves intuition as well as feelings of love, gratitude, forgiveness, and acceptance

Who it’s for…

  • Coaches, healers, and teachers to inspire their clients and students to experience more intimacy and freedom in their lives

  • Workshop facilitators who wish to create a playful, intimate, and safe space for deep group interactions and healing

  • Anyone with an open mind and heart looking to improve the way they show up in the world and the way the world shows up for them

The Collective Clearing

The Collective Clearing Co-deck updates our relationships to present time and thus creates a safe space for the connection of individuals to relate in the here and NOW. All unresolved stories, realized and unrealized have the potential to fall away as we align our soul’s agreements to their highest potential. It is our firm belief that we have reached a point in the evolution of the human species in which everyone has the opportunity and the choice to experience healing through intentional interactions and community. These connections offer the chance to clear anything that is unresolved and upgrade any agreements that are no longer supportive. The Collective Clearing CoDeck allows for us to take full advantage of each interaction and create the most healthy and fertile soil for the seeds of right relationship to grow. Whether we never see the person again or we become forever woven into each other’s lives, the fact that we have cleared all unsupportive energies between us means we may both show up with more forgiveness, gratitude, acceptance, love and authenticity moving forward into every interaction. This is individually and collectively supportive, as when one relationship is healed, all relationships become more complete.

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Have you ever met someone and felt either immediately comfortable or immediately uneasy around them? Well, we believe that’s because either they fit an archetype that you have experienced before, or you have met them before at another time, in another space, in another body altogether, and your soul is recognizing the historic energies that exist between you and that person. This is why we experience patterns, often unhealthy and unsupportive, that play out over and over with the same people or same archetype. The Collective Clearing CoDeck begins to heal and close the unhealthy loops of the past so that we may co-create a safer place for us to exchange in; one rooted in the present timeline. Quantum science has proven that we are all the center of our own universe.  We are all energy and cannot be separated, and therefore everything we do, say, and believe on some level affects everything, regardless of where we are located on this planet. So when you clear all energy with someone and create space for trust, a ripple effect occurs across the whole collective multiverse! Your healing becomes the world’s healing for the benefit of all. Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy, this is physics.” Let’s raise the frequency of our reality by co-healing with each other, for each other.

Why it was co-created…

Imagine a world where forgiveness, gratitude, acceptance, love and authenticity were the norm; where every new meeting was used as a stage to raise the collective consciousness and grow as an entire species. A world where we gave and received apologies for all beings on this planet in order to consciously heal all past pain. A world comprised of truth, unconditional love, honesty and trust. What if we could create that world together through play every single day? We believe that through Collective Clearing, a world such as this is possible.

We live at a time in the history of our species where the belief in the interconnectedness of all beings has become quite common. From a Quantum physics perspective, everything is made up of energy and cannot be separated. In depth studies of the universe have found that the “center of the universe” actually exists everywhere and therefore, nowhere. Ultimately this means that we are each the center of our own universe, and as everything is energetically connected, whatever one being does in their own little universe ultimately affects the whole. This is no longer simply a belief held within Eastern philosophy and the “woo-woo” New Age community, but has now been scientifically proven.

In the 1950s, a study of snow monkeys found that a critical mass shift can actually change the consciousness of an entire species. In their study, scientists began dropping sweet potatoes in the sand to feed the snow monkeys. The monkeys disliked the sand, but LOVED the potatoes. One monkey realized that when she placed the potatoes in the ocean, she could enjoy the meal without an uncomfortably gritty mouth. She began teaching her family, and the behavior spread among the other members of the monkey tribe. What the scientists observed over time was that unrelated families of snow monkeys including monkeys on entirely different islands who had never been exposed to the potato washers began exhibiting the behavior of washing their food! What they concluded was that when the consciousness of a critical mass of the species shifted, the entire collective received the beneficial upgrade in behavior needed to evolve. Upon realizing we have reached a time in the evolution of humanity where we must reach a critical mass in a unified and peaceful consciousness to survive and thrive on this beautiful planet, we created a practice that allows for us to come together as human beings and raise our internal frequencies together; here and now.