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Ashtani Akshagni and Crista Chavez met in 2017 while Ashtani and her four-legged soul extension, Sparta, were traveling across the country. They immediately knew that they had important work to do together in this life, as they recognized the powerful soul reunion in their connection. When Ashtani received the download that inspired the Collective Clearing movement, she called Crista to assist her in grounding it into reality. Together, they co-authored the Collective Clearing prayer and designed the first round of Collective Clearing CoDecks which are making their way across the country and around the world (Learn more and grab yours today by clicking here).

As their personal and professional paths have diverged, in love and honor, Crista and Ashtani have parted ways, and Ashtani and Sparta have continued their Collective Clearing work! Learn more about Sparta and Ashtani’s dynamic duo and how you may work with them below!

Work with Ashtani


  • Certificate in Ayurvedic Medicine-2017

  • Advanced Sampoorna Yoga Teacher 300 Hour Certification-2016

  • Sampoorna Yoga Teacher 200-Hour Certification – 2014 to present

  • Marma Therapy- 2016 and 2017

  • American Red Cross CPR Certification – 2015 to present

  • Emergency Medical Technician – 2008 to 2010

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology-2008


  • Sampoorna College of Ayurveda & Holistic Studies, Certificate in Ayurvedic Medicine (One year program) 2016-2017

  • Yogi Hari’s Ashram, Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program (Three week full immersion program) 2016

  • Yogi Hari Ashram, Yoga Teacher Training Program (two-week full immersion program)    2014 and 2015

  • Yoga Warriors, Trauma Conscious Yoga Training for Veterans, Service Members, and Families (two-day) 2015

  • Connected Warriors, Trauma Conscious Yoga Training for Veterans, Service Members, and Families (one-day) 2015

  • Omrita, Ongoing Yoga and Ayurveda Study 2014 to 2017

  • Yogi Hari Ashram, Ongoing Sampoorna Yoga Study 2014 to 2017

CoDeck Cocreator, Founder and Chief Executive Director of Collective Clearing Frequencies, LLC., Ashtani Akshagni (born Ashley Lauren Satanosky) used yoga and Ayurveda to heal herself from a lifetime of chronic physical and emotional pain.  From birth, she has been able to intuitively see, hear, feel, and know superficially unperceivable things, and this made it difficult for her to connect with other humans.  Ashtani was diagnosed at a very young age with depression, insomnia, and bipolar disorder, and was put on many combinations of synthetic drugs to suppress the symptoms. Thanks to the ancient wisdom of the East, she was able to find the guidance, practice, and devotion she yearned for in order to understand all her gifts of sensitivity and effectively detox after more than 18 years of psychiatric medications and drug abuse.  Once clear from the haze of mind suppressants, Ashtani’s gifts began to awaken to their fullest capacity, and she began to receive the full inspiration for the Collective Clearing movement.

The musical transmissions that have come through Ashtani sparked her next level of service on this planet, and she is devoted to sharing them with the world.  “This music is a celebration of our individual and at the same time Collective expressions. It feels like a permission slip from the Divine to be EXACTLY who we were born to be without fear of judgement or persecution.  It has been incredibly healing for me personally, and each time I sing these songs, I receive access to the next level of my BEing. My desire is for others to receive whatever downloads they have available to them through these Sacred vibrations; to feel what I feel in my heart when I sing them.”

Since receiving the downloads for Collective Clearing, Ashtani has been implementing the practice into her everyday life, and the effects have been nothing short of miraculous.  “As all contracts become current, and all pain is forgiven, life and self-love open up on a level that I could have never imagined possible,” she states, “I finally understand what it means to ‘be the change I wish to see in the world’, and I’m so grateful everyday for Crista and all the beautiful souls who bravely step into such an intimate place with me. I believe that true intimacy is where authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability merge. I feel the hope expand in people’s hearts for a more loving and trusting world whenever I do the clearing, and my own heart has never felt so full!  I’ve seen it heal myself, and in doing so, it has healed relationships with my clients, family, friends, and strangers. This work ensures that all new relationships blossom from alignment. It’s amazing; a whole new world we get to co-create in current time with clarity and congruence!”

Ashtani has an extensive background in Psychology, emergency medicine, yoga, and Ayurveda.  She believes we were all born to continuously learn and teach, which she does all around the US with her best four-legged friend, Spartakiss. Dedicated to her continuous evolution and purification, Ashtani is deeply devoted to the practices of Collective Clearing, yoga, Ayurveda, and Qi Gong as well as the study of quantum healing and sacred geometry. “When you work with me, we will dive deep into the resistances that are holding you back from your highest potential and clear them. Whether it’s your lineage, your individual, or your past life that requires clearing, through the dynamic Collective Clearing process, I will support you in reaching your truth. It’s right there just waiting for you to access it! Freedom is within you.”

Hi! I’m Spartakiss, the Collective Clearing Canine. I work with my mom, but I wouldn’t really call it work because it’s so much fun! She says that I’m an “Intuitive healer” and “Emotional Support Dog”. I don’t really know what that means, but I love teaching and traveling with her everywhere she goes. She says I’m not HER dog; I’m the world’s dog, and we’re just on a healing mission together; learning and teaching. On my mom’s path of healing, she learned from direct experience how beneficial animals truly are. She says she saw something special in me and knew that I was meant to heal not only her, but so many others. It’s so much fun to go around just falling in love with everyone I meet and receiving their love in return! My mom and my late sister, Skylar rescued me from a junk yard when I was just a baby, and it has been such a beautiful and magical journey ever since. Mom always says, “Skylar came to learn. Sparta came to teach…” I’m really excited to meet you. Making new forever friends is my favorite thing to do! Also, I love running on the beach, hiking, and finding sticks…Oh, sticks are my favorite!


  • Collective Clearing Canine 2017-Present

  • Emotional Support Animal 2017 to Present

  • Best Crosscountry Roadtrip Sidekick 2017 to Present


  • Intuitive Healer 2013-Present

  • Yoga Assistant 2017

  • Medicine Dog 2013-Present

  • Mojave Green Rattlesnake bite Survivor 2017

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