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At Collective Clearing Frequencies, we believe in healing with each other, for each other.

Through intentional language, interactive experiences and musical transmissions, we strive to inspire humanity to become the change they wish to see in the world while co-creating the world they wish to live in.  

We believe that as Spiritual beings living a human experience, we are all individual expressions of the Whole, and as such, we are each having our own unique experience of life.  Because we are all having a completely different experience of life, we feel, see, understand, and desire things in very different ways. On the surface, we often have quite different needs, hopes, and dreams. With a deep respect for individuality, we also understand that at our very core, we as human beings share a deep desire to connect with others; to be seen, heard, recognized, and honored unconditionally for who we are.

With all of the above in mind, we at Collective Clearing would love to invite you into our conscious movement to unite the Collective Earth community through music, play, and interrelating in a deeper way!

Collective Clearing

What you will experience

  • A simple and profound practice to playfully co-create peace on earth

  • Deeper levels of intimacy and understanding within yourself and all of your relationships

  • Dissolve unhealthy patterns that get in the way of your greatest potential

  • Raise your internal and external frequencies to attract your Highest manifestation in life

  • Heart opening musical transmissions

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Ashtani Akshagni

CoDeck Cocreator, Founder and Chief Executive Director
B.S. Psychology, CAM, RYT-500

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